Best 20+ Epic Man Cave DIY Ideas

Planning and Building the Perfect Bar for Your Man Cave

A Man Cave is something that pretty much every man wants to have in his home. This is a region where he can unwind, watch sports without interference, and have loved ones over to watch the major event. Albeit any space will work for a Man Cave, no cavern is finished without an extremely incredible bar. Having a bar uniquely crafted and introduced in your space can be over the top expensive – fortunately you can plan and construct the ideal bar alone this end of the week without using up every last cent.

Materials and Tools for a DIY Man Cave Bar

4×4 wooden posts

(12) 2×4 wooden sheets


Encircling Square

Roundabout saw


Wood stick




Measuring tape

Bearings for a DIY Man Cave Bar

Side Frame Construction: The two side boards of the bar will be built from two short and two long sheets. Utilizing a roundabout saw, cut four of the 2×4 wooden sheets to a length of 42 inches. The, cut four increasingly 2×4 wooden sheets to a length of 15 inches. Spot the shorter 15 inch sheets inside the bigger 42 inch sheets to make a rectangular casing. Secure the sheets together utilizing nails.

Front Frame Construction: Using a round observed, cut two a greater amount of the 2×4 wooden sheets to a length of 42 inches and another two 2×4 wooden sheets to a length of 84 inches. Once more, place the shorter 42 inch sheets inside the bigger 84 inch sheets and secure them with nails to make rectangular edges.

Cut and Prepare Side and Front Panels: Begin by estimating the elements of each side board. Utilizing a table saw slice a bit of fiberboard to cover every one of the side boards. At that point, measure and cut an extra bit of fiberboard to cover the front board. Join the fiberboard at first with wood stick, trailed by nailing the pieces together.

Bar Assembly: Using two 4×4 posts, associate the front board to the two side boards. The presents ought to be cut on a length of 42 inches. Start by situating the principal side board and the front board at a 45 degree edge with one of the posts. Toenail the post and boards together to shape the side of the bar. Rehash this procedure to join the staying side board.

Make and Install the Bar Top: Using the rest of the fiberboard, cut a piece for the bar top that measures somewhat bigger than the components of the bar itself. Utilizing wood stick on the underside of the fiberboard, connected the board to the highest point of the bar casing and affix to the side and front boards utilizing nails.

Paint and Decorate Your New Bar: Once the bar is built, the time has come to enliven and paint it! Think about utilizing your group’s hues and notwithstanding consolidating other group memorabilia to make the general Man Cave look welcoming and firm.